Integrating Social Vision With Business Vision

At Hi-Tech Carbon Patalganga, we believe in striving as much as we can, within our capacity to give back to our local communities. The Group’s vision and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy are the lifelines by which we actively engage with our surrounding communities. Our Leaders believe-

“A social vision must form part of the business vision” - Shri Kumar Mangalam Birla

“Industry owes a great deal to society and that it must repay it by actively participating in community based projects” Smt. Rajashree Birla

In our efforts to achieve our Community vision, Hi-Tech Carbon has initiated and implemented several programs in the local communities situated around our plant.

Our community initiatives broadly focuses on 5 major areas as illustrated below:

Community Focus Areas

To facilitate the learning process, we support balwadis which are non-formal education centers, we run primary achoolsm named Aditya Bal Vihar Mandir, and also help schools run by the district authorities or Panchayats.
Health Care and
Family Welfare
To provide healthecare to the population, we organize medical camps for primary health check-ups apart from awareness campaigns. Over the last few years we have begun a family welfare campaign which encompasses education, women and their development and child health care areas.
Sustainable Lovelihood
To empower men and women in the villages by helping them becomes economically independent, we have their inherent skills honed through training and education at our vocational training centers.
Infrastructure Support
Our endeavore to equip villages with basic amenities such as supprting infrastructure through better roads, check dams, potable water systems, toilets, bio-gas plants. water storage tanks, bore wells, tubs wells and animal sheds are ongoing. Panchayat buldings have also been supported through participative approach.
Espousing Social Causes
Certain social wvils are products of inherent maladjustments in the social oder and their complete eradication need basic social adjustments, such as child marriage or dowry.

At Hi-Tech Carbon, all community initiatives are carried out through trust set up for the pupose. The trust organize and manage various social activities and projects in the communities with a purpose of working for the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized in the surrounding villages.

CSR Vision:

Project Approach- we identify Community projects based on the need of the villages and our group Community focus area. How we identified the Community projects for community surrounding our factory can be better understood from here.

Identification of Community Projects

Our Performance on different Community activities front are

Sustainable livelihood

Project Name No. of beneficiaries Beneficiaries involved in income generation activities No. of beneficiaries still Under training Remarks
Door Hangings 40 25 15 Developing beneficiaries on Raw materials purchase & Marketing skills
This will ensure that project will be run independently.
Decorative Items 40 20 20
Tailoring 60 20 40 Successfully completed Basic and advance tailoring skills. And stitching school uniform. further

Tailoring Project


Project Name No. of beneficiaries Remarks
Merit Scholarship 23 Merit Scholarship for:
  • Physically challenged,
  • 3rd – 5th Std.
  • 8th – 10th Std.
Uniform & Stationery distribution 236 Especially for tribal students
Computer Training 42 Recently launched as a pilot project for tribal primary students
Education Events 157 Elocution and Poster Competition on Health & Environment, Children’s day, Teachers day celebration


Project Name No. of beneficiaries Remarks
Pulse Polio 6243 In collaboration with Govt. Primary Health Centre, 16 booths in 12 villages
Medical Check up Camp 75 In collaboration with Govt. Primary Health Centre. Specially for Women and Tribal Villagers through specialist gynaecologist & physician. Provided free medicine distribution
Health Awareness Session 600 Expert doctor advise on personal hygiene & health for Students and Women
5 “S” Training 40 Experts from JSS (Govt. Organisation) delivered training on 5 “S” for families. Organised a competition on “Gharguti Swachhata Abhiyan” (Individual House Cleaning)
Healthy Baby Show 40 Healthy babies were awarded & all participant’s mothers were advised on nutritious diet for babies.

Women Empowerment

Project Name No. of beneficiaries Remarks
Strengthening of existing SHGs 180 12 SHGs are existing and encouraged to have regular meeting and book keeping
Capacity Building 180 In collaboration with various NGOs & Govt. agencies
  • Orientation of various income generation projects
  • Training book keeping
Exposure Visits 100
  • Visits to exhibitions
  • Visits to Govt. agencies & institutions
  • Other active SHGs involved in income generation Projects

A Proud Moment for csr

On Community Front a proud moment for us is when we received applaud from our Chairman

CSR Appreciation from Chairman

Message from Dr. Kumar Mangalam Birla on Community Magazine :Samajik Bandhan”
“During my visit to Patalganga last week, the team shared with me a Quarterly Community Publication in local dialect that they produce with the help of and share with the villagers around the plant, the local bodies and NGOs active in the region.

In my view, this is a very simple but powerful mechanism to keep the communities around our plants engaged and also to share the Community activities with the broader community.

Trust many of you might already have something similar being done. If not, would urge you to explore the idea and appropriately drive it across your facilities.